Ashwin Srinivasan

Carnegie Mellon University
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Studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. My cumulative QPA is 3.5 with expected graduation in May 2022. Relevant coursework:

  • 15-210 Parallel and Sequential Data Structures and Algorithms*
  • 15-251 Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science
  • 15-150 Functional Programming
  • 15-151 Math Foundations of Computer Science
  • 15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation

I attended Taylor Allderdice High School. Graduated in May 2018 with a GPA of 4.0.

Assure: Connecting needs
February 2019 | TartanHacks

Implemented Node.js + MongoDB + React service to make local donations more accessible and secure.

CMULab: Secure check-in and scoring
January 2019 — Present

Developing Node.js + MongoDB web service for teachers to score class activities. Adopted by 15-122 at CMU.

Flow: Real-time water consumption tracker
September 2018 | HackCMU

Created Node.js + Redis backend to limit and predict water usage with machine learning algorithm.

2nd place for Riot Games sponsor prize

Machine Learning Analysis of Judicial Records
July — August 2017 | PA Governor's School

Used SciKit-Learn library and Python web scraper to collect 12 million case records and extract patterns. Created decision tree and clustering algorithm to predict future case outcomes with 81.4% test accuracy.

October 2015 — January 2017

Built multi-purpose Node.js bot for managing and entertaining over 10,000 online communities.

ImgCap: Automated image captioning
September 2015 — March 2016

A computer vision system to generate image captions on-the-fly to aid blind users. Written in Java + OpenCV library.

1st place at PA Junior Academy of Science

2nd place in math/CS at Pittsburgh Regional Science Fair

Software Engineering Intern
Broadcom Corporation
May 2019 — Present

Contributing to Angular frontend and scalable server testing harness for NetMaster.

Research Intern
CUPS Lab, Carnegie Mellon University
June 2014 — June 2015

Designed and developed PrivacyTracker, a privacy plugin to increase user awareness of online tracking.

1st place at PA Junior Academy of Science

3rd place in math/CS at Pittsburgh Regional Science Fair

Google Tech Challenge
April 2019

1st place team overall, including timed coding challenge

Plaid Umbrella Project
Technical & Software Lead
September 2018 — Present

Technical and software lead. Coordinating with electrical and mechanical teams to build umbrella dispenser network, as well as Node.js + MongoDB backend system.

The Tartan
Science & Technology Editor
September 2018 — Present

Writing and editing articles, designing weekly paper layout.

September 2018 — Present

Gave introductory React talk at Web Dev Weekend 2018. Overhauled Python + Flask API to make printing accessible on-campus.


Programming languages:

  • Javascript/Node.js – 7 years
  • HTML/CSS – 7 years
  • Python – 7 years
  • Java – 5 years
  • C – 3 years

Proficient in Git, Bash, and Linux. I have worked with web development technologies such as Express, Django, React, Angular, and Bootstrap. Experience with databases including MongoDB, Redis, and PostgreSQL.